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School-enterprise cooperation development innovation exchange meeting

2021 April 29, Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology Vice Principal Matthew Quan , mechanical project Zhao Lijuan, dean of the college, Han Xuefeng, director of the cooperation development department, and Wang Lujun, deputy director, went to Liaoning Weiyue Group Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to discuss matters such as deepening school-enterprise cooperation and Weiyue scholarships. depth Exchange discussion. The Liaoning University of Engineering Technology and Liaoning Weiyue Group school-enterprise cooperation and innovation development exchange conference will take high-quality development as the guide, open a new chapter of strong alliance and common development, which will promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and increase the intensity of personnel training , promoting the transformation and upgrading of Diaobingshan will be of great significance . Vice-Chancellor Matthew Quan Said, Liaoning University of Technology mechanical project The college and Liaoning Weiyue Group have achieved good results in laboratory base construction, postgraduate training, and project cooperation. he represents Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology Thanks to Weiyue Group for its loving donation to our school's education, and issued a scholarship donation certificate to Liaoning Weiyue Group. Through school-enterprise cooperation, we will write a new chapter of win-win cooperation and innovative development, and make more contributions to Liaoning's economic and social development. great contribution.

Liaoning University of Technology Vice President Matthew Quan issued the Liaoning Weiyue Group Scholarship Donation Certificate

Chairman and General Manager of Liaoning Weiyue Group Cao Fengkui Introduced the development profile of the group, reviewed the in-depth cooperation with Liaoning University of Engineering Technology, Wei Yue Group jumped to Set research and development, manufacture , sales and service in one nation high-tech enterprises , Leading products It makes up for the shortcomings of the coal mine fully mechanized mining face in the field of mechanized installation and withdrawal, and extends the industrial chain of fully mechanized mining mechanized equipment. The sales volume of mechanized installation retraction products ranks among the top in China, and has successfully entered the development process of Vietnam and other international markets.

The achievements are inseparable from the school-enterprise cooperation with Liaoning University of Technology. Weiyue will not forget: the establishment of the cooperation with Liaoning University of Technology " Safety Technology and Equipment Industry of Liaoning Province "School-enterprise alliance; Dean Zhao Lijuan and Deputy Dean Ding Fei of the School of Mechanical Engineering provided strong technical support for the development of mining mechanized installation retraction equipment, and led the doctoral team to solve technical problems; in 2018, the school and the enterprise signed a production contract Academic-research cooperation agreement; In 2019, I was invited to participate in the birthday of the seventh rank of Liaoning University of Technology, and visited the opening ceremony of the magnificent school history museum. In the same year, I recommended Weiyue Group to join the National Coal Mine Robot Collaborative Innovation Center and participate in the Smart Mine Forum, pushing Weiyue Group to a A higher technology exchange platform.

Cherish the course of school-enterprise friendly cooperation, both sides practice The principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, and common development" has deepened friendship and promoted technological innovation of enterprises. Looking forward to the future, high-quality development needs to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, promote continuous upgrading of products, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Weiyue Group has raised school-enterprise cooperation to its corporate development strategy.