Hydraulic hoisting machine with double arms

Hydraulic hoisting machine with double arms

Liaoning Weiyue Group Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Product Details

It is suitable for the installation and removal of equipment components of equipment such as scraper conveyors, transfer machines, and crushers for fully mechanized mining face, with reasonable structure, simple operations, compatible lengths of the two arms, flexible rotation, stronger adaptability, and high efficiency.


Utility model patents:ZL201320129350.9

Safety sign:MCM130008

Proiect Unit Parameter
Into the well state size mm (3950×1450×1800)士50(Decomposable into the well)
Working state size mm (4950×1900×4100)±50
Rated load t 10t×2
Gauge mm 600 or 900
Maximum lifting height mm 3200
Maximum angle of rotation degree Spindle 240°, 60±5° left and right
Lifting ring chain specifications mm 22×66
Walking mode —— Winch traction
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